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Qualifications & Deadlines


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Click APPLY ONLINE to begin the application process. The current quarter will end on September 29, 2023. Applicants who complete their file before this Fall deadline will be eligible for the GAN Aptitude Test Battery being held October 26, 2023.
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  1. Complete the on-line application and all requirements within 30 days from the application being started. Applications are accepted year-round.
  2. Be a minimum of 17 years of age to apply. Applicants selected from the Eligibility List must be at least 18 years of age to be indentured.
  3. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  4. Be at least a high school graduate or have a GED Certificate. If you have a GED, you must provide a copy of the score report from the Department of Education.
  5. Provide all educational transcripts.  Transcripts can be uploaded through the application portal, sent via secure online transcript service such as Parchment, mailed directly to the JATC, or emailed to office@mplsjatc.org.
  6. Show evidence of successful completion of one full year of basic high school algebra (or equivalent) with a passing grade of C or higher; or one post high school algebra course (i.e. Continuing Education, College Course, Trade School Course, etc.); or provide evidence of having successfully completed the Online Tech Math Course through our national training center.
  7. Provide any letters of recommendation or training documentation you would like included in your file (optional).
  8. Submit a DD-214 to verify military training and/or experience if you are a veteran and wish to receive consideration for such training and/or experience (if applicable).
All applicants who are given a conditional offer of employment as an apprentice will be required to take, and pass, a physical and drug test prior to being indentured.

Application Deadlines

GAN Aptitude Testing is held on a quarterly basis at the JATC. 

To be eligible for a specific test date, an applicant must have completed all of the required steps in the online application within their 30 day deadline, and within the quarterly application deadline. 

Fall 2023

If you complete an application between 7/1/2023 – 9/29/2023

GAN Aptitude Test


Winter 2023

If you complete an application between 9/30/2023 – 12/15/2023

GAN Aptitude Test


Spring 2024

If you complete an application between 12/16/2023 – 3/22/2024

GAN Aptitude Test


Summer 2024

If you complete an application between 3/23/2024 – 6/28/2024

GAN Aptitude Test