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On-line applications are taken year-round.

Applicants must complete all of the required steps in the on-line application within their 30-day deadline.

Aptitude Test

Applicants with a complete file within their 30-day deadline and within the current test deadline, will be eligible for the upcoming quarterly aptitude test.

The Aptitude Test consists of basic algebra functions and reading comprehension.

Applicants will be notified by email of the upcoming test date registration process.

Applicants must pass the test with an overall score of 4 or higher to be eligible for an interview.  If an applicant scores below a 4 they must wait 6 months to re-take the test.

Test scores will be emailed to the applicant within 1-2 weeks following the test date.

Sample Test:


Qualified applicants will be notified via email of their date and time of the oral interview. 

Applicants are given a score from 0-100 for their interview. The interview score will place the applicant in the JATC’s pool of eligible applicants.

Job placements are made as openings occur from the top of the eligibility list.  Hiring is typically done in the spring and early summer. If selected, applicant must pass a drug test, physical, and essential functions of the trade test. 

Applicants remain on the eligibility list for 1 year from the date of interview.  If an applicant is not selected within 1 year, they would need to re-apply if still interested in the Apprenticeship Program. 

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