Student Council
We represent and support all apprentices in our program

Student Council

Time Card




Student Council Chairman

Forrest Robeck, 3rd Year

Student Council Members

Melissa Bray, 4th Year

Kierstin Martinez, 4th Year

Brian Mohler, 3rd Year

Jackie Sims, 2nd Year

Kendra Waydula, 5th Year

The mission statement of the student council at the JATC is to represent and support all apprentices in our program.  We will work to coordinate student activities and create better conditions for the apprentices.  We want to help with other student’s education and make it a great learning environment for them.  In addition, the student council looks to create an easier line of communication between apprentices and faculty.

Mission of the Council

The purpose of the Council shall be to:

  1. Promote and instill by leadership and example for the betterment of our industry the attitude, skills, and knowledge required to be successful.
  2. Strive for all apprentices to be productive, valued employees in the industry, exemplary in productivity and attendance.
  3. Strive for good unionism, craftsmanship, and professionalism.
  4. Strive for academic excellence.
  5. Respect all individuals in the JATC and jobsites.
  6. Involve all apprentices in sharing ideas to make our JATC the best.
  7. Help all apprentices work together in our JATC.
  8. Give all apprentices practice in democracy in action.
  9. Help other citizens and groups in our community.

The Powers and Responsibilities of the Council shall be:

  1. To officially represent all the apprentices in the JATC.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion, debate, and development of recommendations about apprenticeship concerns to the Directors of the JATC and to the JATC Committee.
  3. To identify and help solve problems encountered by apprentices in the JATC and on the jobsites.
  4. To promote and encourage the involvement of apprentices in industry related activities.
  5. To inform apprentices about any subject that concerns them.
  6. To consult apprentices on any issue of importance.
  7. To organize financial campaigns for apprentice and charitable activities.
  8. To organize educational, recreational, and industry related activities for apprentices.
  9. All activities of the Council shall be subject to approval by the Assistant Training Director and Training Director.
  10. The Council shall be permitted to grieve any Council decision made by the Assistant Training Director and Training Director by making a formal appeal to the Education Sub-Committee. An appeal rejected by the Education Sub-Committee shall be allowed to be formally appealed to the JATC Committee. Any decision made by the JATC Committee shall be final.
  11. No action taken by the Council shall be in conflict with the IBEW Constitution, Local 292 By-laws, and all JATC Standards and Policies.

Job Descriptions

President of the Council

  1. To act as official spokesperson for the Council in its relations with the apprentices and the JATC leadership.
  2. To call meetings of the Council and to prepare the agendas.
  3. To chair the meetings of the Council.
  4. To supervise the tasks of the Council members.
  5. To take part in all special committees formed by the Council or send a representative to such committees.
  6. To represent the apprentices on official occasions.
  7. To formally speak at the Graduation Banquet.

Vice President of the Council

  1. To advise and assist the President.
  2. To coordinate the work of non-elected students involved in the organization of Council directed activities.
  3. To replace the President when he or she cannot be present.

Secretary of the Council

  1. Keep an account of minutes at every meeting.
  2. Keep an accurate account of attendance at every meeting.
  3. Help maintain Council files.
  4. Maintain contact information for people who work with the Council.
  5. Responsible for official correspondences of the Council.
  6. To act as the President when the Vice President is unable to replace the President.

Historian of the Council

  1. Work closely with the President and leaders.
  2. Manage and maintain in a professional manner the bulletin board designated for the Student Council.
  3. Keep a scrapbook with pictures and history of the important activities that relate to apprenticeship.
  4. Keep track of all awards and honors received accurately.
  5. Handle all financial responsibilities of the Council.
  6. The historian’s book shall be left with the Council at the end of the Historian’s term of office.

Sergeant of Arms

  1. Shall ensure the meeting room is properly arranged prior to the Council meeting and is responsible for all cleanup after the meeting.
  2. Shall assist any guests with arrangements they require for appearances to the meeting.
  3. Shall ensure only Council members are in attendance of the meeting and remove all who are not invited to attend.
  4. Maintain order during the meeting in conjunction with the Presidents direction. The Sergeant at Arms shall be peaceable and maintain a calm demeanor even during difficult situations.
  5. Ensure the meeting properly follows Roberts Rules of Order.