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PRE-apprentice “Application” (work experience)

The Minneapolis Electrical JATC does not hire Pre-apprentices directly. When selecting the Pre-apprentice “application” option, you are only indicating your interest in electrical work experience as a Pre-apprentice with one of IBEW Local 292’s electrical contractors.

There is no cost to complete the Pre-Apprentice application, and once completed, you may email to request a contact list for IBEW Local 292 electrical contractors with potential Pre-apprentice opportunities. Your completed Pre-apprentice application file will remain active in our system for one year or until you are hired.  You will receive an email notification when your Pre-apprentice file has been closed after one year.

Applying for and/or working as a Pre-apprentice is not required before applying to the JATC’s 5-year Apprenticeship program through the Apprentice application.

If you have already been hired by an electrical contractor, completing the Pre-apprentice application will allow you to be referred out to work as a Pre-apprentice.