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Application Request Form

  • Must be accompanied by a $25 application fee (payable with cash, check or card).

Main Application Packet

  • Must be received by the JATC within applicant’s given 30-day deadline (listed on cover page of this packet) and by the appropriate aptitude test deadline.

Copy of valid driver’s license

  • All applicants must be a minimum age of 17 at the time of application, and 18 at the time of hire.

High School Transcript or GED

  • Must be official (mailed directly from the school/facility to the JATC in a sealed envelope).

Proof of Algebra completion

  • Need at least 1 full credit of basic high school algebra with a passing grade of C or higher or 1 post high school algebra course with a passing grade of C or higher or successful completion of the NJATC Math Tech Course.
  • Individuals who can verify (with indisputable documentation) that they have worked a minimum of 2,000 hours in the electrical construction trade or that they have a minimum of two years of military training and experience in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) applicable to the electrical construction trade (as determined by the JATC) do not need to meet the high school or algebra requirements.

Resume or Work History Summary

Include either your resume or work history summary.

Trade School Verification

(If applicable)

  • Trade School Verification Form packet filled out by applicant. Official final transcript (mailed directly from the school to the JATC in a sealed envelope. If you are still currently enrolled, an official partial transcript is acceptable until your degree is completed).

Work Experience Verification

(If applicant has worked under a Journeyman or Master Electrician)

  • Work Experience Verification Form Packet filled out by applicant and employer. One packet must be filled out for each electrical contractor an applicant has worked for. Additional forms can be requested by contacting the JATC office at 763-497-0072.

Optional Documents

(Not required, but may be turned in to enhance your file for interviews)

  • Letters of recommendation, personal merit citations, achievement awards, etc.
  • Additional transcripts from other schools or colleges (must be official).
  • DD214 (for military experience).