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5-year JATC Metro Apprenticeship Program


Applicants must be at least 17 years old, be a high school graduate or have their GED.  Applicants must have completed one full credit in algebra, or higher math, with a grade of C or better, and possess a valid driver’s license. Applicants who have not yet graduated high school may submit an on-track letter with their transcripts and provide final transcripts after graduation.

How to Begin

The first step to the application process is to request an online account through our website. Once the request for an account has been approved, applicants will receive an email confirmation and may login to their account to begin the application process.  After the $40 application fee has been paid, applicants have 30 days to complete their application file.

13 Application Steps

Within the 30-day application window, applicants are required to complete all 13 steps of the application.  This includes uploading documents, completing online forms, submitting the Personal Experience Form and completing required acknowledgements. During the application review process, we may leave comments or directions on the application to assist applicants in completing the process successfully.  Comments from the JATC will be expressed in red font on the application steps page.

Required Documents

All educational transcripts are required to support answers on the Personal Experience Form. Completing this requirement consists of uploading documents that may include: high school transcripts, GED score report, college transcripts, trade school transcripts, and certificate program credentials. Official transcripts are not required, copies of documents are to be uploaded directly through the application portal.   Applicants must also provide documentation to verify successful completion of one full credit of algebra or higher math with a passing grade of C or above. The list of qualifying math courses can be found on the main applications page.

Personal Experience Form (PEF)

During the application process, the PEF – Personal Experience Form, and all supporting documents, are reviewed and compared for accuracy.  Answers on the PEF must be supported by documents and transcripts.  Step seven in the application will be marked complete once the PEF has been reviewed by the Applications Administrator.  Applicants are urged to have copies of their transcripts to reference for accuracy when answering questions on the PEF.  Inaccuracies or incomplete information may lead to the application being closed.

Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is not required but applicants are encouraged to upload any letters of recommendation they would like to present as part of their application file.  Applicants may submit more than one letter of recommendation but only the highest scoring letter will be factored as part of the final score for ranking. Applicants may also bring their letters of recommendation to the JATC at the time of their Aptitude Test to add to their files.

GAN Aptitude Test Battery

To complete the application process for the JATC Metro Apprenticeship Program, applicants are required to take the GAN Aptitude Test Battery. These tests were developed based on skills and abilities required for apprentices in school and on the job. The aptitude test includes: reading, numerical computation, numerical reasoning, paper folding (visualizing three-dimensional space), problem solving, and mechanical comprehension.  Electrical knowledge is not part of the aptitude test. The aptitude test battery is administered quarterly by GAN Human Resources at the JATC facility in St. Michael Minnesota.  Applicants can purchase the GAN Aptitude Test Study Guide from the link below.

Application Deadlines

To be eligible for a specific test date, an applicant must complete their application before the quarterly deadline and within their 30-day application window. Once the application is successfully completed, applicants will receive an email with instructions to schedule for the GAN Aptitude Test.  Applications that are not fully completed within the 30-day deadline will be closed.

Test Day and Results

On test day, applicants must present a photo ID at check-in. There is no late admittance into the test session.  Everything necessary will be provided and use of calculators is not permitted when taking the test. After taking the aptitude test, applicants can expect to receive their test score and rank number via email within two weeks.

JATC Eligibility List and Rank Number

Applicant scores from 0-100 are factored from the GAN Aptitude Test, Personal Experience Form, and Letter of Recommendation.  Applicants are placed on the JATC Eligibility List and ranked by score with all eligible applicants. Hiring into the program is typically done in the late spring to early summer starting from #1 on the eligibility list.  Applicants remain on the Eligibility List for up to one year. If applicants are not hired into the program within one year, their application file will be closed. Applicants still interested in the program may reapply at that time.

PRE-Apprenticeship Application (work experience)

Select the Pre-apprentice application to indicate your interest in electrical work experience as a Pre-apprentice with one of IBEW Local 292’s electrical contractors. There is no cost for the Pre-Apprentice application. Once you complete your Pre-apprentice application, you may email to request a list of contractors with potential Metro Pre-apprentice opportunities.

If you have already been hired by an electrical contractor, this application will allow you to be referred out to work as a Pre-apprentice.

Meeting the Math Requirement

Show evidence of successful completion of one full credit of algebra (or higher math) with a passing grade of C or better; or completion of GED certificate; or one post high school algebra course (i.e. Continuing Education, College Course, Trade School Course, etc.) with a passing grade of C or better; or provide documents confirming successful completion of the Online Tech Math Course through Electrical Training Alliance available at:


The Personal Experience Form (PEF)

The PEF will be scored once your answers have been reviewed and the information you provide is verified.  Please be sure to read and answer each question carefully. Inaccuracies or incomplete information on your PEF may lead to the application being closed.

Completing the PEF will take 10-20 minutes. Once you start the survey you will need to complete it.  It is recommended you have all supporting documents at hand to reference for accuracy, such as educational transcripts and if applicable, military documents, and work verification forms.

You will be required to upload unofficial copies of all educational transcripts and documents to support answers on the PEF. Additional documentation may also be requested to verify answers on your PEF.

Educational and employment experiences may only be listed one time on PEF.  For example, you may not list trade or technical school in both the college field and the two-year tech field.


Letters of Recommendation (optional)

Letters of recommendation are scored and are given precedence in the following order from greatest to least:

  • Union Electrical Contractor
  • Non-Union Electrical Contractor
  • IBEW Union Member
  • Construction Contractor
  • Community Group Member
  • School Official or Teacher
  • Government Official
  • Employer
  • Other

Applicants may upload more than one letter of recommendation to their application file, but only the highest scoring letter will be factored as part of the final score for ranking. Applicants may also bring their letters of recommendation to the JATC at the time of their Aptitude Test to add to their files.

GAN Aptitude Test Battery

The aptitude Test is held quarterly at the JATC. To be eligible to take the test, applicants must first complete the online application within the quarterly deadline and their 30-day application window.  The GAN Aptitude Test includes:

  • Reading
  • Numerical Computation
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Paper Folding (visualizing three-dimensional space)
  • Problem Solving
  • Mechanical Comprehension

Applicants are only eligible to retake the test after one year on the Eligibility List. Purchase the GAN Aptitude Test Study Guide here: GAN Aptitude Test Study Guide


Hiring into the program is typically done in late spring to early summer.